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Our motto at our company is:


If you are considering any landscape or lawn care service, be assured Colorful Landscaping can get the job done.  With over 12+ years in business we have work with hundreds of local residences and businesses here in South Florida.  No matter how big your garden may be, it will benefit from a landscaping design makeover.

Have you found doing your landscaping yourself can be tenacious?  Some people don’t know where to begin.  If you plan on doing your landscaping yourself, you will eventually hit roadblocks like others have.  Running out of landscape designs, the hard work put on the lower back and even the Florida heat.  That is why it is often to your benefit to just hire a landscape contractor, at least to help you with planning the best approach for all of your landscape.

Therefore in choosing the best landscaping company, you will have some questions that need to be answered.  Many of our past clients have told us horror stories about other lawn companies.  Because of that, they were left unsatisfied with their landscaping and they were taken to the bank.

Be sure to ask all Landscape and Lawn Care Contractors these questions when looking for services.

1. How long have you been in business?

==> Experience counts in all businesses. Ask your potential landscaper how many years he/she has been doing this kind of work. Usually 12+ years is sufficient.

2. Can I see your portfolio? (Colorful Landscaping Pictures)

==> A great landscape architect is proud of his/her work.  The best way to show them off is in a portfolio. This portfolio can help you gauge the capabilities of the landscaper.

3. Can I contact your previous clients?

==> Confident landscape contractors should have no problem giving you the contact details of their former clients. It’s a good practice to check them out before you hire them for the job. You can do it on the web by checking review sites or calling the customer on the phone. Testimonials that are good or bad can tell you a lot about the company.

4. What is the timeline from start to finish the job?

==> Two reasons why this is important for you, one is to know how long it will take the Landscaper to complete the project. Second this will give you an idea when you need to have money ready for job completion.

5. Can you provide me with a detailed quotation?

==> From the very moment before starting, you must have a precise quotation.  You have to have everything laid out before starting the job so that you will know what you will be spending for that landscaping service. This prevents going over your budget and spend on otherwise unnecessary expenses. The worst case scenario is running out of money in half way through the landscaping work.


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