Landscaping and Lawn Care Services in Pembroke Pines, Miramar, and Hollywood FL.

Colorful Landscaping is based on landscaping with color in mind. We focus on landscape design and we work mainly in Pembroke Pines, Miramar and Hollywood.

Our landscaping designs are designed with new explosive landscape ideas. We try to be original and make a new idea with each garden. However, our landscape designs have made a great impression in today’s market and have made us very successful. Colorful landscaping believes that every plant, palm, rock, and tree has its place in a garden. It is up to us to find out your likes and dislikes and paint a colorful picture for you!

We love to use seasonal flowers with some perennials. At Colorful Landscaping, we are not afraid to use plants that need to be changed out. In fact, we encourage our customers to do so. Having a “pop” of color in a professional garden makes the difference, indeed.

If you are looking for a reliable landscaper to take charge and do everything from start to finish, Colorful Landscaping is the landscape company for you. Our services not only are just for initial installs, but are also to maintain the gardens we create for you too. We can make sure the garden looks great for years after.

Front yard, Back yard, and the side of the yard can all be done to enhance your home or business. Colorful Landscaping are masters at these styles: Asian Gardens, Cottage Gardens, Contemporary Gardens, European Gardens, Flower gardens, Florida Natural gardens, Formal Gardens, Hedge gardens, Low maintenance gardens, Rock gardens, Rose Gardens, Tropical gardens, and Zen gardens, to name a few.

We believe at Colorful Landscaping, that your estimate should be FREE. We do not charge for advise or our estimates. However, If you would like a computer design their may be a charge associated. Some people usually like to see 3 designs before they make a choice. So we understand, before you put your money towards a landscaping company, you must know what you are purchasing and what will it look like.  For those of you who are not looking for a professional computer aided landscape design, we can draw a sketch for you too, which is FREE.

So what are you waiting for …… having a beautiful landscape is just a call away! 9542262486

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